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Wood Windows

Wood windows date back hundreds of years, and for good reason--with proper care, wood windows can look beautiful for many decades. If you are looking for a window that is both versatile and timeless, wood windows may be your best bet.

Wood offers natural beauty, durability and strength. Wood is a good insulator, offering energy efficiency that is on par with that of other window materials. The look of wood can be kept natural or painted in any variety of colors and stains. Since wood is such a versatile material, your windows can be customized to your exact specifications. Finally, most wood windows are affordable.

Typical cost for wood windows

The cost for this material can vary depending upon the size and customization of the window's style, and the type of wood used. However, there are a few basic rules of thumb that can get you started:

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  1. Basic windows: Expect to pay between $300 and $700, but keep in mind that each window could cost $1,000 or more.
  2. New frames: This addition to your window installation can double the price.
  3. Type of wood: While a 36x54 inch wood window made of pine might cost around $270, the same window with high-performance glazing can cost $825.
  4. High-end materials: If you choose a material like mahogany, expect to pay closer to $2,100 per window.

Also, remember the tax credits and incentives. Depending upon your tax situation and the windows you choose, you might qualify for tax breaks on both your federal and state returns. No matter which windows you purchase, hold on to all receipts, just in case.

What about energy-efficiency?

The Energy Star label can save you plenty of money in the long run--7 to 24 percent can be shaved off your heating and cooling bills when your windows are properly installed. Look at the label to find a U-Factor between 0.10 and 1.20 (the lower, the better), and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of between 0 and 1 (again, the lower, the better). Visible transmittance, or how much light is allowed to get through, is also a number between 0 and 1, with 0 being opaque and 1 being clearer.

Get the look: styles and colors

Popular wood window styles often match a particular style of house, such as the Cape Cod, which makes use of double-hung windows, rectangular muntins and complementary shutters, and the Craftsman, which includes windows with double-hung windows and casements that feature geometric patterns. Wood windows are available in any style, including fixed, sliding, casement, double-hung, awning, hopper, bay, bow and more.

The colors you can choose are virtually endless. Most wood materials are given a simple weather-resistant stain. After installation, the rest of the look is up to you. A good coat of paint on your windows can dramatically change the look of your home, or the wood can be left to its natural appearance.

Popular brands

Before you dive into the wide array of style choices available to you, measure your windows carefully. Despite what some contractors might tell you, there is no set standard window size. Each manufacturer offers different sizes, and what might be standard for one could be considered custom for another.

Most major window dealers carry wood windows. Here are a few popular brands manufacturing these windows:

  1. Pella
  2. Marvin
  3. Andersen
  4. Masonite

research these manufacturers further to find out about their standard sizes and pricing for the style you are looking for.

Where to begin

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