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Bay Windows

Bay windows can open up areas of your home that need more light and space. They are usually comprised of a fixed window in the center, flanked by side windows that can be raised for ventilation. It juts out from the side of your home, and the increased window space offers more light than traditional windows. The space inside the home is increased as well--many homeowners take advantage of the extra space to grow plants, store small items or create a reading nook for the family.

However, keep in mind that this type of window does come with a few drawbacks. The unique shape might require additional structural reinforcement underneath it, and that can mean construction. Though bay windows are available in a wide variety of sizes, most are much larger than traditional windows, and that can also lead to necessary construction prior to installation.

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Materials, colors and styles

Most reputable window manufacturers offer bay windows in standard sizes from 3-1/2 to 10-1/2 feet. They can be made of many materials, including steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and the most popular offerings, wood and vinyl. Each manufacturer offers a wide array of colors to choose from, or you can opt for classic wood, which can be painted or stained whenever you are in the mood to change the look.

This style is usually made of three windows that are joined at a 30-degree or 45-degree angle, but the basic style can be customized with the bells and whistles that make it perfect for your home's personality.

Popular Brands

To learn more about the offerings, compare products from different manufacturers. This can help you determine pricing, material availability, and can help you get a better idea about the wide array of option available to you. Consider some of the following brands:

  1. Pella
  2. Anderson
  3. Jeld-Wen
  4. Masonite

Different brands will most likely offer different products, so researching material and style availability is important.

Are bay windows energy efficient?

Bay windows can be just as energy efficient as any other window. What matters is looking for the Energy Star seal and determining the values that matter most to you. For instance, a window that is always in shade won't need the lowest Visible Transmittance rating, but one that gets full sunlight might.

To get the most energy efficiency out of your windows, study the Energy Star guidelines and decide which factors matter most for your area. Then search for a window that provides the best energy efficiency while staying within your budget.

Cost expectations for your bay windows

Since bay windows are larger and more elaborate than traditional windows, you should expect to pay more. The average cost can vary from $800 to $2,000 for a basic window, and that price can go up to $7,000 or higher for a large custom model. Installation can drive up the average cost to $1,500 to $8,000, depending upon the complexity of the work. If you must have structural work done on your home to support the window, that could make the price even heftier.

Where to begin

This site can provide you with information on reputable manufacturers who make bay windows. Locate the one you want, and then compare prices. When you're ready to contact a local expert, fill out the form on this page to help get you started.