Window Fashion Types

Gina Pogol | Improvement Center Columnist | December 14, 2011

The International Window Covering Expo features the latest in window fashion styles. You can dress your windows up or down, let the light shine in or draw the drapes and sleep the day away, but first check out the newest colors, textures, materials and technology in window fashions for 2011.


Followers of clothing trends know that sheer, soft scarves are in! Your windows can be just as fashionable with whispery, translucent fabric treatments and drapes. This trend started in Asia, where sheer textiles have long been prized by fashion and interior designers for their ability to furnish privacy while letting in light. Luxurious and sensual, sheer materials enhance the style of any room.

Mix and match your shades

Just because your mom's shades are all the same color doesn't mean yours have to be. This fun trend involves coordinating shades in different colors. Make it work by choosing closely-related colors of similar intensity. Another option is coordinating your window blinds or shades with area rugs. Simply match your window shades to a color in your rug.

Crowning touches

Cornice molding is a classic architectural element that draws the eye upward and accentuates your windows. Horizontal cornice molding provides extra style and structural focus to almost any room. Window cornices can be covered in fabric; they can be painted or stained wood; they can be lightweight foam designed to mimic other materials.

Pass the remote

Everything else is automated--lighting, heating and cooling, security systems, even kitchen appliances--so naturally, the trendy home must have remote-controlled window fashions--motorized shades and blinds. No, you aren't lazy, but who needs all those dangerous cords hanging around and tangling up? Finally, blinds with heat sensors and timers can adjust automatically to regulate your home's temperature and to make it look like someone's always home.

A natural choice

While fabric and hardware window fashion styles have been dominated by the sparkly, the metallic, the luxe--today is about the return of the natural and the woodsy. One of the most popular new window treatments is a natural woven shade in matchstick wood or bamboo. Some include grassy woven accents and rough handwoven cloth. Pair them with hardware in wood or bamboo, a favorite of designers who prefer eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

Whatever your preference in window fashion styles, there are fresh trends to try if you feel like a change.