Walk-in tub manufacturers: How do they compare?

Iris Price | Improvement Center Columnist | October 10, 2016

Walk-in tub with candles and washclothsIf you're searching for the best walk-in tubs for yourself or a parent, you can find more than 25 manufacturers and prominent brands online, each with numerous models that offer various combinations of features and desirable options. How can you quickly narrow your choices to only the best brands to meet your particular needs?

The following list includes a brief description of walk-in tub manufacturers with an online presence, their website addresses and the ways in which they distinguish themselves from each other:

America's Walk-in Tubs


What you should know:

  • Manufacturing walk-in tubs since 2002, they offer a 25-year warranty on their products.
  • For easy contact, their phone number and email appears at the top of each of their webpages.
  • Services include installation, maintenance and customization.
  • Options and their prices are easy to access online.

How you can learn more: You can immediately download or request a brochure while on the website.

American Standard


What you should know:

  • American Standard has been manufacturing kitchen and bath fixtures for over 140 years.
  • The website offers over 30 models of walk-in tubs.
  • You can search their site by type, width, length or special safety features and luxuries such as LED lighting systems and quick-drain options.

How you can learn more: You can access purchase and customer support information from the menu at the top of the page. Purchase online or through an American Standard dealer.



What you should know:

  • AmeriGlide specializes in lift solutions for seniors and those with limited mobility. Walk-in tubs are the newest addition to their product lines.
  • Specialty designs include shower enclosure walk-in tubs and a wheel-chair accessible model as well as walk-in conversion kits for standard tubs. Note that installation is not included.

How you can learn more: The website clearly provides information, FAQs, and contact phone numbers as well as their hours of availability.



What you should know:

  • Ariel manufactures tubs, steam showers and other bath fixtures.
  • Their website provides photos, specs, and installation information for their six walk-in tub models.

How you can learn more: There's plenty of good info on their site, but you must purchase from Lowe's, Menards, The Home Depot, or online at Wayfair, Overstock, and Steam Showers Inc.

Arista Walk-in Tubs

No website available.

What you should know:

  • Arista brand tubs are manufactured by Spa World, the largest US manufacturer of walk-in tubs and sold online.

How you can learn more: Retailers include Amazon.com and Sears.com, where you can find purchase information for available models.

Bathing Solutions


What you should know:

  • Their patent pending hydro seal door, stainless steel frame, one-piece construction shell, and finish carry a lifetime guarantee to the original owner.
  • Veteran-owned, the company provides information on who may qualify for VA assistance with walk-in tub expenses.

How you can learn more: Their contact phone is prominently displayed on their site, and they are available seven days a week.

Bathing Safety


What you should know:

  • Not a manufacturer, this veteran-owned company orders directly from several US and Chinese manufacturers to provide walk-in tubs at affordable prices.

How you can learn more: Bathing Safety will quote prices over the phone.

Best Bath


What you should know:

  • All four of their models come standard with a contoured seat, grab bar, and non-skid floor.
  • Their convenient chart allows you to compare the sizes, features, and options available for each model.
  • You can customize your tub with jets.
  • Optional tub surrounds allow a custom installation to fit your space.

How you can learn more: Click "Walk-in Tubs" from the dropdown menu on the "Tubs" tab at the top of their home page.

Bliss Tubs


What you should know:

  • In business since 2008
  • Bliss Tubs offers 20 models and an assortment of optional therapeutic systems including hydrotherapy, massage, aromatherapy and chromatherapy.
  • They provide easy comparison charts for models and explanations of each therapeutic system

How you can learn more: In addition to their site, they offer seven-days-a-week customer service.

Comfort Walk-in Tubs


What you should know:

  • Search the site by special features, such as acrylic or triple gel-coated tubs, compact or oversized, wheel chair-accessible and two-seater/dual drain models.
  • The company, located in Los Angeles, has dealer installers located throughout the US.
  • Their newest model A1A comes with hydro and air massage therapy, fills in 4.5 minutes, drains in 80 seconds, and has an entrance threshold of less than six inches in height.

How you can learn more: Their toll-free number is displayed on the homepage. Staff is available to answer questions seven days a week.

Ella by Ella's Bubbles


What you should know:

  • Ella's Bubbles has manufactured luxury walk-in tubs since 2005.
  • Their products feature dual-drain technology, thermostatic control valves for safety, and a choice of inward or outward swinging doors.
  • They offer three different types of durable finishes: acrylic high-gloss, textured acrylic, and multiple-layer gel coat over fiberglass.

How you can learn more: Customer service is available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm Central time.



What you should know:

  • For user ease and convenience, a door-mounted towel rack, ergonomic door handle, and electronic control panel comes standard on all tubs.
  • In addition to typical options such as various therapeutic systems and an ozonator for sanitizing the air jets, Envy also offers a memory foam head rest, contoured heated back rest, and bidet jet.

How you can learn more: You can call them seven days a week until midnight or chat with someone online through their website.

Health Smart


What you should know:

  • The website alludes to "White Glove Service," but notes that additional fees apply.
  • There is no information online about who manufactures their tubs.
  • The three models shown online display prices with a "Buy Now" button under each.
  • While the site lists features available for the tubs, they say some features are available on select models without ever noting which model those features apply to.

How you can learn more: There is a contact number and address on their website.



What you should know:

  • Highly rated by Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.
  • Hydro-Dimensions offers 16 gel-coat fiberglass walk-in tub models with standard features including angled grab bars, hand-held showers and ergonomic door handles.
  • Their lifetime warranty covers not only the shell, frame, finish, and door seals but also supporting equipment, electronic controls, motors, faucet and overflow.
  • Options include sanitizing systems, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel fixture finishes, and high-speed drain.

How you can learn more: You can call them toll-free or send a request online for more information.

Hydro Systems


What you should know:

  • This custom whirlpool tub maker prides itself on commitment to green manufacturing and producing a high-quality product.
  • They offer one customizable walk-in tub model in four standard colors.
  • Grab bars and maintenance-free ozone sanitizing systems are standard, but premium colors, and typical premium features such as an in-line heater and therapy systems are optional.
  • The website provides downloadable information and product specs.

How you can learn more: You can give them a call (their number is the upper lefthand corner on their website), send them an online request for more info, or visit a showroom.

Independent Home


What you should know:

  • Every tub is custom manufactured to the individual customer's specific needs.
  • Models include ADA-compliant and wheel chair accessible tubs and showers.
  • Their certified installation teams are trained in plumbing, electrical and finish work.
  • Most installations can be completed in a day.
  • An in-house visit determines the extent of installation work before they provide a quote.
  • The website features before and after photos.

How you can learn more: If you want more information, you can call them toll-free or fill out an online request form for additional info.



What you should know:

  • "The company that practically invented the hot tub industry" offers three models - compact, standard and large.
  • All models come with built in Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy, LED chromatherapy, aromatherapy, leak-proof door, and safety features.
  • Because installation by certified Jacuzzi technicians is included in the cost of your walk-in tub, no prices can be provided without a free in-home visit to determine your needs.

How you can learn more: You can download their online brochure, call them toll-free, or find a showroom.



What you should know:

  • Kohler, a leading manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures, offers an elegant alternative to the walk-in tub. Their Elevance® Rising Wall tub allows the bather to easily lower and raise the wall of the tub to enter and exit.
  • Standard features include Bask™ heated surface to warm the back, neck and shoulders; BubbleMassage™ air bath hydrotherapy; chair-height bathing seat for easy entrance and exit, and inflatable, leak-proof seals.
  • Installation is not included.

How you can learn more: You can call Kohler toll-free from 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time, Mondays through Fridays. You can also fill out an online request form for more info.



What you should know:

  • The Meditub brand is manufactured by Spa World, the largest walk-in tub manufacturer in the US.
  • The website displays models, but to get pricing and make a purchase you must go through a dealer such as a showroom, plumber, contractor, or wholesaler.

How you can learn more: To find a local dealer, contact the phone number on the website.

Premier Care in Bathing™


What you should know:

  • No matter how you choose to explore the Premier Care website, it guides you to specific information tailored to your individual bathing needs and bathroom size.
  • This 30-year-old company designs, manufactures, markets, sells, finances, and installs their brand of walk-in tubs for seniors, veterans, the handicapped, anyone with limited mobility, and their caregivers.
  • Because installation is included, pricing and purchase requires an in-home consultation.

How you can learn more: You can contact them 24/7 at their 1-800 number or fill out an online request for a brochure.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.


What you should know:

  • Safe Step sells, installs and finances American-made walk-in tubs and walk-in showers.
  • They will come to you anywhere in the US for a free in-home consultation.
  • Their tub prices include many safety and therapeutic features that other brands consider optional and for which you might pay extra.
  • Safe Step offers discounts and rebates as well as a referral program to further minimize costs.

How you can learn more: You can give them a call at their 1-800 number or request a free consultation online.



What you should know:

  • Manufacturing walk-in tubs since 1992, SafetyBath features aluminum doors with a lifetime warranty on the door seal.
  • Their high-flow tap allows the tub to fill in less than four minutes.

How you can learn more: You can request a price quote on their tubs through the website.

Safety Tubs


What you should know:

  • Products include acrylic and gel coat walk-in tubs and safety seat showers.
  • From the website, you can download a brochure of their walk-in tubs and product spec sheets.

How you can learn more: If you want to purchase a tub, call them for a list of local dealers.

Therapy Tubs


What you should know:

  • The online showroom features a variety of standard walk-in tubs for retrofits; a wheel chair-accessible model with a door that opens outward; two deep soaker models; and their stylish, low-profile Serpentine model.

How you can learn more: You can view or download a brochure of their models. To find local dealers, you must submit your contact information.



What you should know:

  • TheraTub boasts the lowest walk-in tub thresholds in the industry, 0"- 2", compared to more than 4" for all others.
  • Their tubs are 100% made in the USA
  • Each tub is completely customizable with as many or as few options as needed.
  • They provide installation or you can have it installed on your own without voiding the lifetime warranty on all components.

How you can learn more: To contact TheraTub, you can call them toll-free, send them an email, or fill out their online request form.

Universal Tubs


What you should know:

  • Like other brands on this list, Universal Tubs are manufactured by Spa World
  • They're sold through The Home Depot
  • Models include freestanding, alcove, and wheel chair-accessible walk-in tubs. Certified installers are available.

How you can learn more: You can give them a call or chat with them online through their website.