Sleek and modern: A serious cook's kitchen remodel

Some homeowners are downright serious about their cooking and a perfect kitchen design for them places high priorities on function and efficiency. This video shows a kitchen remodel that many top restaurant chefs would be happy to work in and they'd probably feel right at home with the commercial grade appliances. If you enjoy cooking large meals and hosting the occasional dinner party, this is a kitchen that allows you to display your culinary talents and may even help you take them to the next level.

Kitchen design for efficient food preparation

If you've ever been in the kitchen of a busy upscale restaurant, you've probably wondered how so few people can turn out so much good food. An efficient kitchen design allows a cook to be productive with a minimum of time spent walking from station to station. Ingredients and cooking utensils are kept organized within easy reach and kitchen cabinets and countertops are chosen for ease of use. A few details that make this kitchen chef-friendly:

  1. Kitchen cabinets--The contemporary styling is easy to wipe down and the hardware is simple yet stylish
  2. Prep island--A central island with a prep sink makes a great place to prepare food and is within easy reach of the refrigerator and range
  3. Shelving--Open shelves over a work station and next to the range allow cooking utensils and platters to be kept near the action where they're usually needed
  4. Pantry--A shelved pantry allows just about every ingredient you need to be kept in one place
  5. Stainless steel backsplash--The Wolf range has a stainless steel backsplash that the contractor has carried over to protect the wall behind the adjacent work station. Stainless steel has a contemporary look and is easy to keep clean

The homeowner has also chosen Corian or Zodiac kitchen countertops which are non-porous and require very little maintenance. An experienced kitchen contractor should be able to guide you on selecting design elements that are an ideal fit for your home.

Kitchen remodeling ideas

If you like to cook, reward yourself with some upgrades during your kitchen remodel. Install a commercial refrigerator that maintains inside temperature even when the door is opened and two dishwashers can make cleaning up a quick and easy task. A commercial exhaust hood can rid your kitchen of just about any cooking odor and a built in gourmet coffee machine may make you wish you never had to leave the room.

You might even want to expand your kitchen remodel into other parts of your home. Carry your kitchen's style into an adjoining room by installing a wet bar using kitchen cabinets and a similar sink and faucet design. If you're lucky enough to live in a part of the country that allows year round outdoor entertaining, build an auxiliary kitchen on your patio. A built-in grill and a small sink are all you need to barbecue with friends while enjoying the sunset.

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