A modern kitchen remodel with rustic charm

Mix rustic charm with modern kitchen conveniences

Following the current styles and trends is nice, but it's also fun to start from scratch and use your kitchen remodel to display your own unique tastes. The owners of this kitchen did just that, and the end result is a kitchen design that not only makes a bold statement, but also reflects their affection for nature and "green" building practices.

Although the wood slabs in this kitchen were imported from Indonesia, a similar look can be achieved with aged timber reclaimed from old farm houses. Reclaimed wood obtained from old houses, barns, and factories slated for demolition may be hundreds of years old. Using it for your remodeling project not only saves it from possibly being lost forever--it can bring instant character to your kitchen design. In this project, the contractor used imported Indonesian wood for kitchen countertops, parts of kitchen cabinets, and various components of the interior trim such as casing and doors. The modern cabinets used in the remodel cause the exquisite woods to stand out even more with the contrasting lighter shades used on their faces. The antique appearance of cabinet hardware and outlet covers have been used to tie old and new together.

Find kitchen remodeling ideas in the great outdoors

Building materials found in nature can not only be durable--they may add interesting shapes and colors to your kitchen remodel. The contractor for this project used natural flagstone for the flooring and some of the kitchen countertops which transitions into the adjacent eating area. The flagstone provides attractive earth-tone shades that complement the kitchen cabinets and should provide a durable floor that lasts many years. A stone floor can be cool in the summer and if you place heating coils beneath it, can provide warmth on cold winter mornings. The dining area features a reclaimed wood slab table top matching those used as kitchen countertops to further assist in blending both rooms.

Make your culinary projects easier

Just because you have a rustic kitchen design doesn't mean you can't add in modern conveniences to make working in the room more enjoyable. This kitchen has a double door refrigerator and labor-saving dishwasher discretely hidden behind cabinet panels, but the built-in stainless-steel double oven stands out as a focal point for the room. A prep sink is located in the work island adjacent to the gourmet gas cooktop so you don't have to go far when cleaning vegetables or filling pots while preparing a meal. As a finishing touch, the owners have added a gooseneck faucet that stands out all the more due to the antique trough-like appearance of the primary kitchen sink.

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