Casual efficiency: A kitchen design for serious cooks

It's sometimes amazing how a kitchen remodel can transform the entire interior of your home, but careful planning can take it a step further. Everyone wants a kitchen that makes a statement, but it's important to remember the room should also function efficiently. Whether you're a weekend cook or an aspiring chef, a well thought out arrangement of kitchen cabinets and appliances can make the time you spend cooking much more enjoyable and productive. This bright kitchen has features any serious cook would love, but it's easy to see how it might also become the center of family gatherings.

Creating an efficient kitchen design

Think about all the little pet peeves you've acquired from working in your kitchen. Is the room so small that you're constantly wishing you had more counterspace? Do you spend too much time cleaning up after cooking a big meal? Make a list of what features your perfect kitchen should have and you might also review other videos on this site to get some kitchen remodeling ideas. A consultation with a kitchen contractor for some additional input can also help you arrive at a final kitchen design.

Casual efficiency with a touch of elegance

The kitchen design in this video was created for function and has a warm, understated style, but it also has touches of elegance. The kitchen cabinets are a simple recessed panel arrangement that's not only attractive, but easy to keep clean. Granite backsplashes to the underside of the wall cabinets can be wiped down after cooking and appear to be an extension of the matching kitchen countertops. There's no lack of workspace around the gas cooktop situated in the island and conveniently located electric outlets mean no stretched cords. A few other features this kitchen design has that any cook would enjoy:

  • Prep sink--No more walking across your kitchen every time you need to clean a vegetable or fill a pot
  • Full bullnose counters--Granite kitchen countertops are easy to keep clean and a full bullnose edge means no sharp edges jabbing you while working
  • Double oven--If you cook family holiday feasts or do a lot of entertaining, you know how difficult it can be to coordinate cooking times. A double oven makes it easy and if one of the units can do convection baking, so much the better
  • Pantry--A cabinet pantry provides plenty of storage space and a built in desk is a great place for a little quiet time while waiting for the timer
  • Kneewall--A kneewall with a countertop can be a convenient place to sit drinks or serving platters and if you extend the top, it can serve as a breakfast bar

The contractor has also added finishing touches that are sure to make this kitchen the talk of the neighborhood. Undercabinet lighting brightens up your workspace, but also accents the beautiful granite countertops. An under the counter wine cooler keeps a bottle ready for any special occasion and wall cabinets with glass doors can put your best china on display.

This configuration might provide you with some kitchen remodeling ideas that can help you get started on your own perfect kitchen design.

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