Join the Arts and Crafts movement with your kitchen remodel

One of the nice things about a kitchen remodel is that it can allow you to start over with a blank slate. If your style preferences have changed over the years or you were never that crazy about your kitchen to begin with, you can now head in a completely new direction. The Arts and Crafts architectural and design movement is about bold straight lines and getting back to basics. Many homeowners had tired of the gingerbread and elaborate frills of Victorian styling and wanted a more natural look. This kitchen design video shows how the simple appearance of an Arts and Crafts design can be combined with modern gourmet conveniences to create a dream kitchen.

Elegant simplicity for a kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling ideas can come from various sources. Many people see a style they like on the Internet or they might visit a kitchen design center to find some inspiration. The kitchen cabinets shown in this video are have recessed door panels and plain hardware. The granite kitchen countertops complement the cabinets without overwhelming them and the earth tone ceramic tile backsplash ties the natural look together.

The Arts and Crafts style is known for common metals that might have been shaped in a blacksmith's shop. The metal accents on the hood panels appear to have just come off the forge. The simple brushed finish on the sink faucets blend with the hardware on the kitchen cabinets and the metal highlights in the glass doors. You might be fooled into thinking this was a kitchen out of a period Arts and Crafts bungalow, but the owners have added modern features that would make any gourmet chef happy. A few that might make this kitchen your favorite room in the house:

  1. Double oven--Two ovens can make it easy to coordinate cooking times and if one is convection, baking doesn't take long at all
  2. Three sinks--No one likes carrying heavy pans of water around the kitchen or moving dishes to wash vegetables--three sinks allow you to have water where you need it
  3. Double refrigerator--The capacity and convenience of a commercial unit, but the door panels allow it to merge with the kitchen design
  4. Under-cabinet lighting--These hidden lights can be used to highlight the kitchen countertops or to brighten up your work area
  5. Breakfast bar--Extending kitchen countertops at a kneewall can create a place to grab a quick snack or spend time chatting with the cook
  6. Gourmet cooktop--Pancakes can be on the menu every day with Thermador's commercial grade cooktop and its griddle attachment
  7. Coffee station--If you like gourmet coffee, it might taste even better when your kitchen contractor creates a special coffee station
  8. Overhead lighting--Sometimes overhead lighting can be the finishing touch that pulls the entire kitchen design together. In this case, the owners installed elegant Arts and Crafts styled fixtures

These are just a few of the kitchen remodeling ideas you might be able to use on your project. All kitchens aren't sized or shaped the same, so you might want to consult an experienced contractor when planning your makeover.

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