Kitchen remodeling for antique buffs

Collecting antiques is a passion for many people and they spend their weekends searching for beautiful examples of craftsmanship from years gone by. If you like the look of elegant furniture from another era, you'll appreciate what the homeowners accomplished with the kitchen remodel in this video.

Old look--new kitchen cabinets

Cabinet companies offer finishes and glazes that can be applied at the factory to make your brand new kitchen cabinets look like they were originally installed in a home a hundred years ago. The owners of this kitchen chose two different cabinet finishes for their remodel to offer some contrasts and to create the appearance that some cabinets are stand alone pieces of furniture.

The cooktop cabinet, with the decorative hood panels above, and the cabinets that make up the island appear as if they might have been chosen separately, but built during the same time period. The cabinets complement each other while offering unique visual interest. The bead board panels on the rear of the sink cabinets allow a nice transition to the rest of the home. A few other kitchen remodeling ideas the owners used to accent their antique motif:

  1. Hardware--The hardware on the cabinets has a pewter finish that matches the faucets at the main and prep sinks
  2. Open cabinets--The contractor installed an open dish cabinet so antique dishware could be displayed
  3. Crown molding--Intricate moldings such as the wide crown at the top of the wall cabinets are available from most cabinet manufacturers
  4. Ceramic tile--The homeowners chose a new ceramic tile for their backsplash that not only complements the finishes of their cabinets, but looks like it has been recycled from an historic home
  5. Cabinet glass--Few items can convey a sense of aged elegance like beveled glass

All of the cabinets and trim shown in this video may appear to be ancient, but they are new and manufacturers such as Yorktowne Cabinetry, Merrilat, and American Woodmark can provide similar cabinets for your kitchen remodel. While you might appreciate the appearance of old furniture, you are likely to enjoy the conveniences modern appliances can provide. This kitchen design doesn't disappoint in that area either.

Old meets modern with this kitchen remodel

Cooks of a hundred years ago could only dream about some of the gourmet touches incorporated into this kitchen design. A few ideas you might want to borrow for your own home:

  1. Refrigerator--Panels with pewter hardware allow the appliance to blend with the kitchen cabinets
  2. Undermount sinks--Granite kitchen countertops display unique grain patterns and undermount sinks accent the polished finish on the granite edges
  3. Cooktop--If you like entertaining guests, you'll appreciate the six burners
  4. Double oven--Coordinating cooking times becomes a little easier with a double oven
  5. Breakfast bar--Kitchen countertops at kneewalls can be extended to create an informal eating area--all you have to add are a few barstools

Everyone has their own concept of how their perfect kitchen might look. If you're planning a kitchen project, explore design ideas on this site and talk to a contractor to get some additional kitchen remodeling ideas.

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