Latest Kitchens Videos

  • A modern kitchen remodel with rustic charm

    Give your kitchen remodel a natural look with imported or reclaimed wood and earth-toned stonework. In this video you'll see how these homeowners used green building practices to create a kitchen design that makes a statement.

  • Casual efficiency: A kitchen design for serious cooks

    In this kitchen video you may find some remodeling ideas for efficient cooking and casual family gatherings. Which of these features might be right for your perfect kitchen design?

  • Join the Arts and Crafts movement with your kitchen remodel

    Sometimes smooth, natural simplicity can be the best kitchen design. See how these homeowners embraced the Arts and Crafts style during their kitchen remodel.

  • Kitchen remodeling for antique buffs

    If you like antiques and the elegant look of vintage furniture, you might get some kitchen remodeling ideas from this video of an exquisitely renovated kitchen.

  • Sleek and modern: A serious cook's kitchen remodel

    If you think you missed your calling and should have been a professional chef, the kitchen design featured in this video could inspire you to live your fantasy. Add your own kitchen remodeling ideas to create the perfect place to display your culinary talents.

  • Take your new kitchen design in a casual country direction

    These homeowners used new cabinets and countertops to create a warm and inviting kitchen design. Watch this video to see what kitchen remodeling ideas this beautiful kitchen and amazing pantry might spark for your makeover project.