Garage addition project: part 7, HVAC rough

Now that your building has been weathered in, you are ready to start the rough mechanical phases of your construction project. The rough mechanical stages consist of installing your HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, and any low-voltage wiring your home addition may have. When watching the videos, you should take notice of how clean the project appears. Cleanliness helps each sub-contractor do their job more quickly and makes for a safer job site.

Heating and cooling (HVAC) considerations                   

There are many elements the HVAC contractor looks at when designing the heating and cooling system. If your addition is small and your existing HVAC system is large enough, the contractor may just need to tie into that system to supply your new space. However in most cases, a new supplemental HVAC system should be installed, and this is a decision you should help make. There are a number of different options when deciding on an HVAC system and some factors that should be considered are:

  • The cost of the system both initially and long-term
  • Efficiency options for new systems
  • Fuel type, is it easier to use the same fuel as your existing system or should you switch?
  • The size of the addition and the climate where your home is located

When making your decision, remember that the cost of your HVAC system is not just the initial installation, it is also the usage cost over the years. With energy costs rising, you should pick the most efficient system your budget allows. Your new space should be comfortable, and no one likes being hit with high utility bills.

Ductwork installation

When the ductwork is installed, any open ends should be covered until construction is complete to prevent debris from entering the lines. As you can see from the video, all ductwork in unconditioned spaces should be insulated.

Once the HVAC contractor has finished the ductwork rough-in, you are ready for the plumbing contractor to begin.

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