Garage addition project: part 1, getting started

Successful and organized home improvement projects don't happen by accident. There is a lot of planning and preparation work that has to happen for a home addition to run smoothly. So, you want a garage, exercise room, guest bedroom, or home office? One of the most important issues is deciding what you want to build and finding out if you are going to be allowed to build it.

What do you need your home addition to be?

This homeowner and her family have put a lot of thought into what they need for their home. The garage structure is designed to be large enough to store a boat and trailer, a truck, and have room at the rear for a workshop. There is also going to be a second story for guest space and a family entertainment area.

You should do the same type of planning for your home addition as it can be frustrating to complete a remodeling project and realize you left something out. Take some time to think it over and look at other projects to get some ideas. Also, keep in mind that adding a second floor to a first floor garage is considered to be an efficient use of your remodeling dollars.

Are you allowed to build an addition?

You now know what you want, but are you going to be allowed to build it? This homeowner was constrained some by her Homeowners Association, but was able to adapt the design to get their approval.

When you are deciding on the size and location of your home addition, there are a few outside factors you need to consider:

  • Homeowner Association regulations
  • Local, state, and national building codes
  • Your property's easements and setbacks

Your architect, contractor or designer can help you with these issues as well as the designing to complement your existing home.

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