• A modern kitchen remodel with rustic charm

    Give your kitchen remodel a natural look with imported or reclaimed wood and earth-toned stonework. In this video you'll see how these homeowners used green building practices to create a kitchen design that makes a statement.

  • Exterior door hanging: avoid problems later

    Installing an exterior door correctly can be a challenge, but an experienced contractor can make sure it's done right. This video demonstrates how a good contractor performs an exterior door installation.

  • Install hardwood flooring to transform a room

    Finding a good contractor can be just as important as picking a beautiful wood when considering hardwood flooring for your home. This video demonstrates how a proper hardwood floor installation should be done.

  • Garage addition project: part 9, electric rough

    Spend some time with your contractor before the electric rough of your home addition starts. Make sure that the locations of outlets and switches not only pass inspection, but also meet the needs of you and your family members.

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