Swimming Pool Styles And Shapes

Shannon Lee | Improvement Center Columnist | December 14, 2011

Not long ago, the options for swimming pool styles and shapes were basic circles and rectangles. While the old shapes and styles are still popular today, there are new kids on the block that can turn your swimming pool dreams into works of art.

Classic swimming pool styles and shapes

The swimming pool comes in two basic styles: the in-ground and the above-ground. The in-ground pool is one that has been poured into place, so that it becomes a permanent part of the property. The above-ground pool can take any shape from a plastic, children's wading pool to something larger and more elaborate.

Today's large above-ground pools can have decks built around them, providing the look of an in-ground pool. Above-ground pools built this way are often considered a permanent part of the property, but most above-ground pools can be removed or taken with a homeowner when they move.

Classic shapes for swimming pools include rectangles, ovals, circles and kidneys. Grecian and Roman pool shapes are a mixture of these with straight edges, but curved or cut corners. Pools in an "L" shape are another popular option, particularly for homeowners who prefer different water depths.

By it's very nature, a pool must have water. The two most common options are the chlorine pool and the saltwater pool. Chlorine pools use chemicals to keep the water at a constant pH. Saltwater pools use salt and a special filter to keep water fresh and clean.

The new world of swimming pools

Today's swimming pools are limited only by a homeowner's imagination and budget. Pools with undulating curves, small spas and Jacuzzis built in, and unique, architectural designs are becoming more common among homeowners who want a custom look to their backyard. Fountains and slides can add interest and punch up the fun factor.

Freeform swimming pools and hot tubs can be molded to the contours of the surrounding area, and make these man-made bodies of water look like the work of Mother Nature. Pools like this can include natural waterfalls and small streams that turn the landscape into a work of art.

Rectangular, oval and square-shaped pools are still popular for their budget-friendly price tags. But for homeowners willing to pay a bit more, swimming pool and hot tub styles and shapes can be customized to turn your existing landscape into an area of leisure and luxury limited only by the imagination.