Picture windows let the sunshine in

Picture windows photo
Picture windows photo
Picture windows photo
Picture windows photo

For new construction and window replacement, you want a look that can perfect a new home or revitalize an old room. At home in both classic and modern styles, picture windows feature a broad expanse of glass that brings in more light, gives a wide-open appearance to any room, and offers an unobstructed view of the outdoors. They do not open so are not good options for spaces where ventilation is required. They are as customizable as other styles: you can choose the number of panes in the frame, the material of the frame itself, the type of glass used and the hardware.

These popular windows add a minimalist touch to bedrooms, dining rooms and living spaces. Some homeowners flank them with casement, gliding, or double-hung windows for extra dimension and light. If you're replacing your current windows, you may choose to widen your window space to bring in more light. The windows are available with a range of frame choices, including classic wood and modern fiberglass.

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