Hopper windows offer a breezy solution

Hopper windows picture

Hopper windows are a type of casement window that swings from a hinged point at the base of the window. They are a popular choice for beautifying a basement, whether you want to finish the area for another room or simply pull more air into the space. But you don't have to relegate a hopper window to the basement: Many homeowners install these unique windows in bathrooms, over doors and under, or over, traditional windows. And unlike slider windows, the hopper style allows you to open the entire window to let air in.

Customize these specialized windows by size, shape and material. They offer easy cleaning along with good ventilation, which makes them a good choice for windows that are out of reach from the outside. Install a screen with the window to keep the bugs out while ventilating a laundry room, kitchen or entryway.

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