Fiberglass windows: A clean, green choice

Fiberglass windows picture
Fiberglass windows picture
Fiberglass windows picture
Fiberglass windows picture

Fiberglass windows set the standard for long-lasting performance. Like vinyl, the frames are dimensionally stable and feature air cavities, which are filled with insulation. Specifications suggest they offer a better thermal performance than wood, vinyl and metal, without the warping, rotting, sagging and cracking that can follow those materials over time. Fiberglass tends to be more expensive than other window frame materials. Though it's been dubbed "the first 100-year window" for good reason.

The long life of fiberglass is one just reason it appeals to eco-friendly builders. Windows are constructed from 60- to 70-percent fiberglass, which is made from sand. Less energy is required for the product's construction than for other frame materials, like vinyl or steel. Most importantly for homeowners, these windows make an excellent insulator, which can save on energy costs, as it reduces the home's carbon footprint. Fiberglass can be painted and is resistant to corrosion. It is often found withstanding difficult seaside climates at beach homes.

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