Bow windows open your room with a view

Bow windows picture

Bow windows are curved bay windows that extend beyond the exterior walls of your home, adding great visual space to any room, offering an expansive view, and inviting ambient light to warm up your interiors. Federal-style architecture of the 1830s introduced these windows to America to bring light into rooms of dark wood paneling. Today you'll find sets sold with four to six windows arranged in a graceful, out-bowing arc. Modern options include insulating glass, tints and patterns.

Typically, the windows on the outer edges of the bow set have operating casements to adjust for ventilation, while the center windows are stationary. Individual windows are mulled together to give the set uniformity. Depending on your budget and existing architecture, you may want to add a bow where you currently have a flat, wide window. Add curved or laminated seat headboards to create an authentic, stylish finish.

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