Bay windows expand rooms with welcoming charm

Bay windows picture
Bay windows picture
Bay windows picture
Bay windows picture

Why do bay windows get compliments when no one is likely to praise your casement or double-hung windows? Maybe it's your window seat cushion that invites relaxing and day-dreaming, or the cat sleeping amid the African violets, or possible stained glass in the center panel, there for privacy as much as looks.

Bays can be as versatile as they are beautiful. They gather light into a dark room. One or more windows in the bay can be operable for ventilation. You can use any style of window from casement to awning, or a combination of fixed and operable. Use multi-paned uppers, obscure or stained glass, or etched-glass ovals for a touch of elegance.

Make the bay as wide or as tall as you like. Drape the bay in tasseled silk swags or minimize window treatments with blinds or pleated shades. After all, a bay window is a palette, and you are the artist.

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