Awning windows: great for rain-fresh ventilation

Awning windows picture

Awning windows provide excellent ventilation. They can be placed high on a wall to cool your home naturally, and to allow light in while maintaining privacy. If you live in a rainy climate, these hand-cranked windows may be better than casement windows for ventilation, because the window, hinged at the top, opens outward and shields against the weather. These windows are sometimes confused with hopper windows, which hinge at the bottom and open inward.

You may see awning fenestrations aligned in columns or rows on a home, or flanking a picture window. This style of sash may be made from many popular window frame materials, including vinyl, vinyl-cladding, wood and more. Vinyl or vinyl-cladding offers additional benefits in damp weather: no swelling or sticking. Popular vinyl window manufacturer Gorell offers awning styles in nine different colors, with double-pane or low-e glass for increased energy efficiency.

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