Latest Window Fashions Pictures

  • Drapes: Where function meets fashion

    Whether making a bold design statement or simply trying to keep the sun from fading your rug, there are simple ways to get the most from your window drapes without breaking the bank. Observe a great window blind option.

  • The right shutters can add style

    Thinking of installing shutters or replacing tired shutters with something a bit more striking? Take a close look at this shutter example, and find out what you should consider when adding shutters to your home.

  • Window blinds: customize light control

    Window blinds can be a utilitarian solution to block light or a handsome and important accent in a room. This photo illustrates one of many window blind options available today.

  • Window shades: control and a vanishing act

    "Now you see them" window shades do much more than disappear when desired. This image shows shades that work well in their environment. Understand other important advantages of modern shades.