Partial glass sunrooms customize your comfort

Partial glass sunrooms picture
Partial glass sunrooms picture
Partial glass sunrooms picture
Partial glass sunrooms picture

Why build a sunroom and not let the sun in everywhere, with floor-to-ceiling glass? There are several reasons, each one specific to your particular climate, the room's orientation to the sun, or other factors.

Dirt: Many sunrooms have a masonry or framed wall 24 to 36 inches high that keeps window bottoms free from grime caused by garden watering, blowing dust, or snow residue. Utilities: That partial wall permits you to run electrical outlets and heaters to the room, extending its season and comfort. Heat control: In warmer climates, sunrooms can let in too much of a good thing. Solid roofs and partial walls shield the room from unwelcome early or late heat, and won't substantially affect room comfort. Study where the summer sun rises and sets. Privacy: Place partial walls to keep out prying eyes.

It's your sunroom. Analyze potential problems. Partial glass sunrooms can maximize enjoyment.

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