Wood siding: the modern classic

Wood siding picture
Wood siding picture
Wood siding picture
Wood siding picture

When you install wood siding on your home, you're building upon years of tradition. This versatile siding style ranges from raw plywood panels to high-end, cedar shingles and shakes. Wood softens the lines on a home, adds a layer of insulation and offers natural beauty unique to each distinct material. If you are considering new siding and thinking of wood, keep in mind that you'll need to devote time and money to upkeep in the future, as wood needs to be resealed and repainted every 5 to 7 years.

Climate should play a part in your siding choice, as well. If you live in a moist, humid area, or one with big temperature changes, your siding could encounter rot, warping, mold or other issues. Faux wood, which is made from vinyl, can offer the look of wood without some of the environmental issues of the material.

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