Aluminum siding: go green, dodge maintenance

Aluminum siding picture
Aluminum siding picture
Aluminum siding picture
Aluminum siding picture

Aluminum siding may not be as popular as vinyl or fiber cement siding, but it offers many of the same benefits. It's also more environmentally friendly, because it can be recycled. Like vinyl, aluminum won't crack, warp or peel. It's also termite- and mold-resistant. Most manufacturers treat or coat their product so that it doesn't rust. Unlike vinyl, aluminum should not fade and can be installed in hot climates. Windy weather isn't a problem, either. Mastic Performance siding is tested at wind speeds of up to 165 mph.

Similar to vinyl and fiber cement, aluminum is virtually maintenance-free. Take care, however, not to bang items against your home, as aluminum can dent. You can choose from many colors and finishes of siding, some of which are textured to look like wood. Rolex is one siding manufacturer that uses low-VOC Environ paint to ensure its product is as "green" as possible.

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