Latest Siding Pictures

  • Aluminum siding: go green, dodge maintenance

    Thinking about aluminum siding for your home's exterior? It's similar to vinyl siding and fiber cement in its maintenance-free qualities, but does have a few drawbacks, such as the potential for denting. Learn about the pros and cons then decide if this is the right siding material for your home.

  • Brick siding offers clever new installation systems

    There are beautiful brick siding options in almost any price range. Today's new light weight bricks offer ease of installation and are more affordable than standard bricks of yesteryears. Learn more about brick siding options to decide if this is the right siding option for your home and budget.

  • Composite siding: balance style and price

    Composite siding varies depending on the materials that comprise it. Common materials include asphalt, aluminum, polymers, wood and fiber cement. Learn about the cost of composite siding and the variety of styles available.

  • Stone siding makes a solid statement

    Stone siding comes in many different styles, materials, and price points. From real stone like fieldstone and ledge stone, to faux options made from cement, the look and cost vary wildly. Learn more about the stone siding options available today to decide which material might work for your home's exterior.

  • Stucco siding: a natural for durability

    Stucco siding can last up to 75 years in the right climate, and can be finished in a wide range of styles

  • Vinyl siding: popular and practical

    Thinking about vinyl siding? You're in good company. Vinyl has become the most popular siding option for new home construction in America. Learn more about the pros and cons of this siding material to decide if it is the right choice for your home.

  • Wood siding: the modern classic

    Wood siding is a great option for historic home lovers and those who want the most natural siding product on the market. Though it's important to consider climate and future maintenance needs, the look of wood siding when properly maintained cannot be beat.