Slate roofing: charm and durability meet

Slate roofing picture

Slate roofing blends Old World charm and modern architectural detail. Long relied upon for its strength and beauty, slate is traditionally quarried, installed by professionals and built to last. Slate comes in a range of natural colors, offering a layer of strength and insulation to your roof. Installing slate on a new or refurbished home means protecting your roof with the power of stone.

While there were once few options for roofing a home in slate, modern homeowners may choose from a range of styles and materials. Traditional slate arguably provides the most natural look, though it is heavier and more expensive than other options. TruSlate by GAF uses real slate, but is lighter and easier to install. Synthetic slate is lighter still and affordably priced, while slate-look asphalt shingles are built to resemble the square slate panels. In general, more traditional materials will come with a higher price tag.

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