Above ground pools: affordable fun

Above Ground Pools
Above Ground Pools
Above Ground Pools
Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools possess a number of benefits over their in-ground counterparts, not the least of which is affordability. Above ground models tend to be much easier to install and maintain, though regular cleaning and treatment is still a must. Finally, above ground options offer flexibility: You cannot move or dismantle your in-ground pool should the need or desire arise.

While physics and the elements can limit your shape or style options to a degree, those considering above-ground designs can quickly become overwhelmed with the number of options. In addition to size and basic shape, you must consider other features such as color, buttressing and gating, not to mention add-ons like slides or decking. From a functional standpoint, it's important to choose a lining and filtration system. All of these will influence the final cost, so carefully weigh the wants and needs of your family, and the budget with which you're working.

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