Kitchen remodel: galley kitchens, clever layout

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Remodeling your galley kitchen can turn a cramped space into a delightful work area where you can cook up a storm. While you're limited to the long, narrow space in a galley kitchen, you can make the most out of your appliances, sink, cabinetry and countertops. The first key step is to align your refrigerator directly across from the cook stove. Extend your cabinetry to the ceiling where possible, stacking the least-used items at the top. Roll-out shelves and lazy-Susans help you organize and maximize storage space.

Any remodeling effort for galley kitchens should include shrinking your appliances down to size. Call in a designer or contractor to measure your space and recommend products such as deep-drawer shelving and wide cabinets for cook pots and baking sheets. If you plan on installing a dishwasher, locate it directly adjacent to your sink. The finishing touch for your kitchen remodel: galley kitchens gain space with the addition of hanging storage baskets, hooks for pots and pans and pegs for cups.

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