Kitchen remodel: European kitchens feature ergonomics

European kitchens picture

European kitchens make use of small or limited space through exceptional design that emphasizes both function and ergonomics. Your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen determine which features appear in your new kitchen. No need for sous vide? Leave out the water bath and include a microwave instead. Plenty of cabinet space, often ceiling to floor, and clever technology such as the Servosoft drawer are hallmarks of the European kitchen. Built-in appliances are streamlined into the counters and cabinets, which feature clean lines and durable finishes.

The versatility of such a kitchen is emphasized by the way some European kitchens comprised modular pieces, including sinks and cutting boards, which can be reconfigured. Popular European kitchen equipment manufacturers include Dada, Zeyko, SieMatic and Alno. Keep these brands in mind when planning your kitchen remodel: European kitchens require both form and function.

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