Latest Kitchens Pictures

  • A timeless kitchen remodel: traditional kitchens

    You already know "classic" and "timeless" best describe your idea of a kitchen remodel: traditional kitchens are for you. Go with wood cabinets, copper accents and natural flooring for just the right look.

  • Kitchen remodel: antique kitchens hide conveniences

    Antique kitchens are perfect for historic homes as well as for homeowners interested in a back-to-basics homey kitchen style. Learn about the types of antique-looking appliances on the market, and discover what elements make up this timeless kitchen style.

  • Kitchen remodel: contemporary kitchens reign

    Contemporary kitchens have become popular over the last decade. They feature stainless steel appliances, recessed or glass cabinets, and clean, sleek lines in general. Learn more about this kitchen style and see pictures of contemporary and other kitchen styles.

  • Kitchen remodel: country kitchens charm

    A country kitchen is a great option for homeowners interested in a warm, homey atmosphere that evokes images of Grandma canning tomatoes, and baking loaves of bread. Learn about the details that create this kitchen style, including distressed wood, beamed ceilings, and gingham or themed prints.

  • Kitchen remodel: European kitchens feature ergonomics

    European kitchens are known for combining form and function. They usually include streamlined appliances, durable finishes, and modular pieces. Learn more about this type of kitchen and see pictures of European and other kitchen styles.

  • Kitchen remodel: French kitchens are inviting

    French kitchens can have the look of a country or chateau, with light-toned cabinets, pale walls and decorative tiles or linens for texture. Learn more about this kitchen style and decide if a French kitchen is right for you.

  • Kitchen remodel: galley kitchens, clever layout

    Galley kitchens are space constrained, so planning and efficiency is of the utmost importance. Learn tricks that will help make the most of your galley kitchen, like extending cabinetry to the ceiling, and stacking least used object s up top. Soon you'll be making the most of your small kitchen.

  • Kitchen remodel: Italian kitchens old and new

    Italian kitchens can be traditional in style, with old-world style thick wood blocks, creamy cabinetry and wood floors, or more modern, with track lighting and stainless steel. Find out what elements typically make up this popular kitchen style and decide if the look suits your home.

  • Kitchen remodel: modern kitchens celebrate simplicity

    Modern kitchens are known for being unfussy, sleek and outfitted with the most advanced kitchen technology. Appliances are hidden, and colors are monochromatic and usually solid. Learn more about basic modern elements that can pull together this classic, up-to-date kitchen style.

  • Kitchen remodel: small kitchens big on livability

    If you've got a small kitchen you know that organization is key. You have less space to chop, wash, and puree, but that doesn't mean you can't have a stylish, efficient kitchen. Learn tricks to help make the most of a small kitchen.