In-ground hot tubs: pros and cons

In-ground hot tubs picture
In-ground hot tubs picture
In-ground hot tubs picture
In-ground hot tubs picture

What could be better than sinking into a spa or hot tub after a long, hard day at work? Two spa options are above-ground or "portable" and in-ground hot tubs. Here are some pluses and minuses if you're considering an in-ground model.

Pros include: Sleeker and less cumbersome appearance; doesn't block the view from inside your home; may be easier to access for those with disabilities; more energy-efficient due to less heat loss; more durable because it's not exposed to the elements; more attractive because it blends with the landscaping; can be built in different shape.

Cons include: In-ground spas take up more space; they are generally more expensive to purchase or build than above-ground spas; they are expensive to move once installed; require professional installation; can require building permits, excavation and installation of gas or electric line.

If you have some serious handyman or construction skills, you can build your own in-ground hot tub for about 80 percent less, says hot-tubs-n-home-spas.com.

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