Above ground hot tubs: soak in style

Above ground hot tubs picture
Above ground hot tubs picture
Above ground hot tubs picture
Above ground hot tubs picture

An above ground hot tub can be the perfect way to channel a day at the spa from the comfort of your own backyard. In addition to the relaxing appeal of a hot tub, there are several health benefits to be found as well. Warm water and massaging jets can relax tired muscles, relieve stress, and even improve circulation. Acrylic hot tubs are the most popular above-ground option with countless customizable features and a large number of quality manufacturers. These tubs may cost a bit more than vinyl or plastic portable tubs, but they can also last longer.

Wooden hot tubs are another option offering mid-range price points and the classic appeal of teak, cedar, or redwood. Wooden tubs offer aromatherapy benefits and are sturdier in construction than other materials. However, maintenance needs may be greater and styles more limited. Whatever hot tub you choose, be sure to carefully consider the needs of you and your family so you can relax in style and maximum comfort.

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