Vinyl gutters: Protect your roof, choose the look

Vinyl gutters picture
Vinyl gutters picture
Vinyl gutters picture
Vinyl gutters picture

When a storm rolls in, you want your gutters to be up for the challenge. Modern vinyl products are thicker and more durable than their predecessors, allowing them to stand up to metal gutters and even outperform them. Vinyl won't dent, crack or rust like metal, and no sealants are needed to keep the material watertight. Vinyl is typically less expensive than aluminum, and much more of a budget-friendly choice than galvanized steel or copper.

Common brands of vinyl gutters and gutter accessories include Genova Plumbing, Plastmo and Amerimax. Styles include K-Snap, U-Snap and Half-Round. A range of muted colors are available. Because the gutters aren't painted, but rather hold their color all the way through the material, scratches and flaws are harder to notice. These gutters generally preserve their color over time, better than painted aluminum. With modern vinyl materials, you can prevent roof erosion in style.

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