Wood garage doors: natural beauties

Wood garage doors picture
Wood garage doors picture
Wood garage doors picture
Wood garage doors picture

A traditional material for garage doors, wood often matches classic or rustic homes better than steel, aluminum or fiberglass. Wood garage doors allow for a great deal of customization: They come in a variety of wood types, and can be painted or stained as needed. Painted doors are typically constructed from pine or fir while so-called "appearance grade doors" are made from cedar, redwood, mahogany or other types of hardwood. In either case, raised panels or engraving can create a unique look that could be difficult to achieve with metal models.

Wood doors can be heavy and may require a more powerful garage door motor. They must also be maintained to prevent warping, cracking or rotting over time. These things can add to the lifetime cost, which can range from around $400 to over $2,000 depending on size, material and installation requirements. An experienced contractor can help you choose a design that suits both your tastes and budget.

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