Good-looking, laminate flooring shines

Laminate flooring picture

If you want the look of tile, wood or stone without the expense and upkeep, laminate flooring offers a happy medium. Top brands such as Pergo, Armstrong, DuPont, Shaw and Wilsonart offer long-lasting laminate that can withstand high impact and high traffic. Laminate is lighter and easier to install than the materials it resembles and is versatile enough to be installed in every room of your home.

Laminate is easily customizable, too. If you're considering wood flooring, you can choose from samples offering the look of pine, cherry, oak, maple and more, with a true variety of natural colors. Unlike real wood, laminate can be installed anywhere--even in a bathroom. From among stone laminate shades, you can choose anywhere on the spectrum between snowy stone and ebony slate. And unlike real stone with pits and grooves, laminate is simple to clean. Durability and low maintenance are what keep laminate flooring a popular choice.

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