Surround yourself with vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing picture
Vinyl fencing picture
Vinyl fencing picture
Vinyl fencing picture

Vinyl fencing is the fastest growing product in the fencing industry. These fences don't rot, shrink, decompose or rust. Their color doesn't fade, and they require little maintenance. Vinyl has four times the flexibility of wood and five times the tensile strength. Your initial investment for vinyl is about the same as wood or even slightly more, but over the life of the fence, vinyl typically costs about a third of what a wood fence costs, according to the website, avinylfence.com. Vinyl fences are available in picket and swimming pool styles that run from $12 to $22 per linear foot; privacy fences run from $15 to $56 per linear foot. With a color palette that is predominantly white, gray and tan, vinyl fences can be manufactured to look like stucco, stone or wood.

Great news for do-it-yourself enthusiasts; if you know how to set up a string line to level the fence, all you need is a level, a tape measure and a post hole digger to install your vinyl fence.

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