Make interior doors work for you

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interior doors picture
interior doors picture
interior doors picture

Updating interior doors is a fairly simple way to increase both your home's value and its aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer simple hollow-core doors, or a more stylish option, such as glass French doors or a beautiful hardwood door, the choices are almost limitless. Some of the top brands include Masonite, Jeld-wen, Pella, Therma-Tru and Brosco.

Installations can be fairly straight-forward for pre-hung doors, which are doors that swing. More complicated doors like closet doors, pocket doors and those not pre-hung can take a bit longer, but still aren't terribly difficult to install with the right tools and measurements. These doors can start at less than $50 for a hollow-core door from the local home improvement store, to hundreds of dollars for intricately designed, solid wood or glass doors. Whatever your décor or budget, there are doors available for all the rooms in your house.

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