Refinishing wood cabinets

wood cabinets picture

Rehabbing wood cabinets is a quick and often much more cost-effective alternative to tearing them out and starting over. This is especially true if your cabinets are well made, out of solid wood for example, and just looking a little tired.

There are a few options to update the look. The first step is just a deep clean with some soap and water, both the wood surfaces and all of the hardware. Cabinet and drawer fronts are in constant contact with dirty and greasy hands, so giving them a good wash will help.

If they still look dingy, the next step is to consider stripping the finish if it is a clear stain or polyurethane and then refinishing. Another option is to repaint the cabinets. Lighter tones will really brighten up a space and may even make your kitchen look larger. Replacing the hinges, drawer pulls and other hardware will also breathe new life into fading wood cabinets.

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