Metal cabinets: homeowners have metal mania

metal cabinets picture
metal cabinets picture
metal cabinets picture
metal cabinets picture

What started out as an anti-pest movement during the war years has become a certified design trend for modern kitchens. Metal cabinets are back, and they're bolder and sleeker than ever. Both affordable and low-maintenance, this cabinet option is non-toxic, recyclable and easy to clean and does not need harsh chemicals or abrasives. Add to that a keen resistance to stain and corrosion, and it's easy to see why these cabinets are making such a big comeback in both commercial and residential spaces.

On the design front, metal cabinets invite an array of accent colors and textures. Many homeowners and designers use stone and earth tones in countertops to provide a stark contrast to stainless steel cabinetry. The metal surface can be painted any color to complement existing themes. Metal is one of the easier cabinets to install, as most come in a kit for basic assembly and fitting.

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