Arched cabinets: ahead of the curve

Arched cabinets picture
Arched cabinets picture
Arched cabinets picture
Arched cabinets picture

Arched cabinets can give any room in your home a stylized, personal touch. This simple design feature offers surprising versatility: Choose an understated curve in a light color for an airy, modern feel, or add dramatic flair with an ornate cathedral arch. The combinations of colors, materials and styles are almost limitless. High-quality options for a wide range of budgets and tastes are readily available. The cost of cabinet replacement depends on a number of factors: A complete cabinet overhaul will cost more than simply refacing cabinet doors, and choosing pre-manufactured styles may offer savings compared to hiring a carpenter for custom cabinetry.

A cabinet makeover can allow you to organize your kitchen in style, tame the clutter in the game room, or provide a fashionable front for bathroom cabinets. Find the perfect option to fit your budget and unique personal style. Then watch how this easy change can instantly transform a room.



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