Latest Cabinets Pictures

  • Arched cabinets: ahead of the curve

    Arched cabinets can transform a ho-hum kitchen or bath. See what replacing, refacing or adding this style of cabinetry in different materials and finishes can do for your rooms.

  • Beadboard cabinets: informal, cozy decor

    Beadboard cabinets, with their classic country or cottage style are popular in today's cozy kitchens. Look at ways to bring this element in by adding beadboard or assembled tongue-and-groove panels to existing cabinetry--or buying beadboard cabinets.

  • Flat panel cabinets: a DIY dream

    The sleek look of flat panel cabinets appears most often in Shaker, Arts and Crafts and Transitional design. See how its simplicity also lends itself to dressing it up with color and hardware.

  • Glass cabinets fit diverse kitchen styles

    Glass cabinets can be clear or frosted, patterned, hammered, stained or marbleized, but they are sure to add sparkle to a room. See your treasures or hide your ordinary house wares: the choice is yours.

  • Laminate cabinets: beauty and budget

    Laminate cabinets used to be the less expensive alternative to wood, but with today's advanced technology, they are easy to maintain and look better than ever. Here's a peek at the new laminates that many think look as good as wood.

  • Metal cabinets: homeowners have metal mania

    Easy-care, corrosion-resistant, metal cabinets can come in stainless steel or an assortment of accent colors to complete your d

  • Raised cabinets: traditional construction meets modern design

    Raised cabinets can solve the dilemma of how to blend traditional and contemporary design features. Look at this classic style of cabinetry as the element that pulls it all together.

  • Recessed cabinets: functional and fashionable

    You might be familiar with recessed cabinets from your bathroom medicine chest, but you can carve out space from your walls almost anywhere. See how to create stylish cabinetry without reducing your room's size.

  • Refinishing wood cabinets

    If your cabinetry is still sturdy, refinishing wood cabinets is economical, and you can invest the savings in other kitchen upgrades. Wash, strip and refinish, or even paint them for a fresh new look.

  • Shaker cabinets boast a timeless appeal

    With its unadorned aesthetic, Shaker cabinets can fit into nearly any style of d