Vanities stand up for style

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Contemporary or antique: bathroom vanities can set the tone and style of the whole room. From a single or double sink to free standing or wall mounted styles, you can find vanities in almost any shape, color or material.

Whether you like the look of a classic piece of furniture or a sleek and modern work of art, a vanity can be the center of your bathroom design. Added storage may be another consideration as you consider the style for your vanity.

The material you choose for the countertop can also make a design statement. Approximate prices per square foot for the most common countertop materials can run from $10 to $300, with laminate and ceramic tile at some of the lowest prices and quartz, glass, and natural stone being more expensive.

Each surface has pros and cons; professional or do-it-yourself installation may be a consideration and the material you ultimately choose may depend on how much maintenance time you are willing to invest and how careful you (or your family) are willing to be.

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