Latest Bathrooms Pictures

  • Full bath additions: popular home improvements

    Is all that door knocking disturbing your bubble bath? If so, it may be time for a new, full bathroom. Find out about average sizes, price ranges and the latest trends.

  • Half baths add convenience and value

    In a full house, the half bath may win half the battle. From closets to garage conversions, mirrors to cabinetry, discover new ways to make creative use of existing space.

  • Showers: from functional to fabulous and beyond

    Showers can be simple or lavish. From custom tiles and multiple heads that spray and pulse, to beveled glass doors and built-in seats, find new ways to customize this essential bathroom feature.

  • Standard or custom sinks: endless options

    With kitchen sinks, it's okay to be put on a pedestal. The surprising number of materials, enhanced by faucets invoking designs from modern to Victorian, allow shoppers to find a kitchen basin that's priced right.

  • Toilets: what you need to know about flushing

    If you're shopping for a new toilet, you'll find there are a variety of options to suit your every desire. Many models are now water-efficient, but dual-flush action toilets and commodes of different shape and design can help with your design and practical needs.

  • Tubs for a bathroom style statement

    Bathtubs: They can hearken to a bygone era or celebrate modern technology, while enhancing bathroom design. Choose from granite or plastic, standard or garden-sized, whirlpool jets or sound-wave vibrations. Just get soaked.

  • Vanities stand up for style

    Are you itching for a new antique or just desperate for some storage? Either way, a bathroom vanity could be the answer. Design your own or buy one stock. Check out the differences.