Trash compactor: a condensed guide

Trash compactor picture

A trash compactor can reduce garbage volume by 75 percent, which is not only perfect for your home but for your RV or boat as well. Most compactors have similar features with a few minor differences in size and power. Standard sizes run approximately 12-15 inches wide, 34-35 inches tall and approximately 24 inches deep. Other important features that come standard in most compactors include anti-jam systems, toe bar drawer openers, built-in air freshener compartments, noise insulation and an on/off control key to prevent accidental operation.

Compactors come in free-standing, under-the-counter or convertible models. Free standing models are finished on top and can provide additional counter space. Under-the-counter models don't have a finished top, install between your cabinets and usually need a trim kit for that built-in feel. Convertible models can be installed freestanding or under-the-counter.

Compactors run from $165 to around $1,000, depending on features and manufacturer with the majority in the $600 to $850 range.

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