Range/hood: function meets a finishing touch

Range/hood picture
Range/hood picture
Range/hood picture
Range/hood picture

A range or hood can make an ordinary workspace look finished and professional. Every good cook knows that presentation is a large part of preparing a tasty and aesthetic meal. The same holds true with kitchen appliances. In addition to providing a key utilitarian service, mainly exhausting burnt and smoky smells, a good hood can also become a focal point at eye-level in the kitchen; hoods can hide vents, and often come with lights.

Besides style and color, the biggest difference between ranges and hoods is the way that they are mounted. Some are designed to mount under cabinets, while others are wall-mounted. If your range is part of an island, consider certain models of chimney-mounted hoods that vent right out through the ceiling. Hoods come in a wide price range, starting at a couple hundred dollars. The difference as you climb the price scale has to do with options like quiet motors, touch screens and upgraded lighting.

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