Latest Appliances Pictures

  • Buying an oven?

    For the serious cook or the family dinner, an oven can become the most important appliance in the house at mealtime. See the latest trends in freestanding, slide-in, drop-in and wall-mount models.

  • Choosing an eco-friendly dishwasher

    From Kenmore to Whirlpool, Maytag to KitchenAid, modern dishwashers offer more features while using fewer resources than ever before. Find one for your kitchen today.

  • Find the right refrigerator/freezer

    Your refrigerator/freezer choices today include the old standby styles--top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, as well as new popular French door style with the freezer below. If you haven't shopped for a fridge lately, see what you've been missing.

  • Range/hood: function meets a finishing touch

    Lose the noisy kitchen vent. Find your way to a stylish range or hood with bold or muted color, a quiet fan and delicate lighting.

  • The essential kitchen disposal

    Whether you want a garbage disposal with a wall-mounted switch, full horsepower or a quiet motor, modern food grinders make those of a generation ago sound clunky. Learn more about this important appliance.

  • Trash compactor: a condensed guide

    Standing one to two feet tall, reaching about two feet deep, trash compactors may be among the highest-impact kitchen appliances. Compactors reduce the space garbage occupies by about 75 percent. Explore their features.

  • Washer/dryer sets offer ease and efficiency

    Owning a washer and dryer is the difference between freedom and laundromats. From stackable units for small spaces to self-cleaning lint filters designed for the forgetful, explore your options for taking a load off.