Latest Window News

  • 4 window technologies that can lower your energy bills

    A "one size fits all" philosophy isn't necessarily best for buying new windows. Identify each window's role in improving your home's energy costs.

  • 4 ways to save money on energy bills

    Replacement windows and doors can help you cut your energy bills by as much as 30 percent. If your house leaks energy, consider insulation and a new thermostat, too.


  • How to Install Replacement Windows

    Purchasing new windows for your home is a worthwhile investment, but you should learn how to install them correctly if you want to get your money's worth.

  • How To Repair Windows

    Many windows repairs just require using a little common sense. The problem may be operational, glass related, or involving air infiltration or water leakage. If you think the repair is beyond your DIY capabilities, call a window contractor.

  • Window Costs

    Replacing your home's windows is a big financial investment, but one that may pay off in multiple ways. New windows save on energy bills and can increase the curb appeal of your house. If your house has old drafty windows that are beyond repair, replacement windows are a solid investment.

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