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  • Boomers' window treatment remodel: function, style, and price

    Excessive afternoon sun coming through windows out of reach made this baby boomer couple's living room too hot and painfully bright. Find out which window treatments solved their problem.

  • Great window treatments for your bathroom

    Window treatments in your bathroom must be carefully selected to avoid problems with mold and mildew. Here are a few options that can make your bathroom look stylish while avoiding the pitfall of moisture buildup.

  • 3 cool energy-saving home improvements for summer

    It's summer and as the temperature rises, so do tempers when utility bills arrive. Here are three energy-saving home improvements for keeping cool and keeping your cool by putting a lid on energy costs.

  • What the well-dressed window is wearing

    Outdated window coverings can undermine your home improvement efforts. Many types of window treatments are still popular, but today's style and technical advancements can refresh your home. Here are some of the latest trends.

  • 6 tips to improve home acoustics

    Is your home noisy? Do sounds seem to bounce off the floors, ceilings and walls? Find out how home acoustics are affected by material choices and what you can do to improve the problem.

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