Latest Walk-in Tubs News

  • Drop-in to walk-in: tubs that make a splash

    You want your bath remodel to make a big splash -- with you or potential home buyers -- not leave you feeling like you just took a financial bath. Here are some options that take tubs to the next level.

  • Aging in place: what to consider sooner than later

    Are you thinking about aging in place in your current home? Consider the financial benefits, and then if you decide to stay, plan to make these unobtrusive but necessary renovations to be ready for lifestyle changes.

  • How to install walk-in tubs: 8 steps to a new bath

    Part 2 of this guide on installing walk-in tubs takes you through the 8 steps for getting your tub ready to use. But before you get started, make sure you have the ability to tackle the project. If in doubt, call a contractor.

  • How to install a walk-in tub: the prep work

    Installing a walk-in tub is a job that should only be attempted by the most seasoned of DIYers - and if that's you, then this guide can help you get the results you want.

  • Do you really need that in your new house?

    It can be tempting to want everything out of your new house -- but will that just be wasted space? Consider your lifestyle, family makeup, and day-to-day activities in order to decide what you really must have in your new place.

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