Latest Walk-in Tubs News

  • Walk-in tub manufacturers: How do they compare?

    The world of walk-in tubs comprises more than 20 brands, each with its own website. Here's a comparison of walk-in tub manufacturers and brands to help you choose from among so many possibilities.

  • Attention, Boomers: Universal design tips for your new house

    Do you want to build a home that you can enjoy through your golden years? Baby boomers will be happy to know that building a new house with these universal design features, such as a walk-in tub, will help them age in place.

  • The best renovations for aging in place

    Do you want to stay in your home as long as possible? Many homeowners are opting for renovations that allow for aging in place. Start now on universal design to ensure a comfortable future in your own house.

  • Walk-in tubs for aging parents -- and for peace of mind

    Your parents worried about you and saw to your safety while you were growing up. Learn what measures you can take to keep them safe as they grow older, including home modifications like walk-in-tubs.

  • Welcoming an aging parent into your home

    Is welcoming an aging parent into your home in your future? According to a recent survey, many people think that could be a possibility. While it may not be a concern for a while, here are a few remodeling projects that could make your home a little more senior-friendly.

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